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1. the quality of being logical and consistent.

2. the quality of forming a unified whole.

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Software integration that resonates with the future

Coherence.software integrates, develops, and extends a comprehensive selection of open source platforms.

We are a full-cycle software development company with niche expertise and a focus on the economic and social impact of the latest decentralized technologies. 

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Software that helps you take full control of your business.

CRM (Constituent Resource Management)

Build, engage and organize your constituents.

Supply Chain Management

Blockchain-powered IoT network for enterprises, enabling supply chain visibility and quality assurance.

Social Learning Systems

Complete social networks integration. Include people at every step in a secure collaborative network.

Open Innovation

Let’s build great things together

Technology is moving us into new landscapes, old maps may not work any longer. Progress depends on the ability to respond to accelerated innovation.

Open source technologies deliver that path. We work with software created and supported by passionate communities of users, implementers, and developers from around the world.

Inspired by the work of Buckminster Fuller’s approach to Spaceship Earth, we’ve focused on creating a holistic and integral architecture for open innovation and collaboration at a global industry level.


Complex systems in harmony

The concrescence.software framework is an integral architecture for the development of decentralized goal driven industries. People-centric purpose driven ledgers will help drive the Fourth Industrial revolution of decentralized computing, IoT, machine learning and AI. By thinking of user data as multigenerational, it becomes possible for emerging users to benefit from the preceding generation’s behaviors and decisions.

Interoperable Standards

When you have common interfaces and common protocols, everyone can innovate and interoperate. Companies can build their businesses, consumers can expand their choices, technology moves forward faster, and users get more benefit.

Distributed Autonomous Industry

A DAI offers stakeholders governance, advanced collaboration and decision making tools, and open standards for innovation; designed as a seamless twenty-first-century intelligent infrastructure at a global industry scale.

Intelligent Living Charter

The advent of decentralized computing creates the foundation for global collaborative development and cooperation. A new emergent organizational level is now capable of completely novel contributions to human civilization and life on earth.

The Living IO

People-centric design strategies

Open Source Culture is helping to lead the shift from the failing siloed structures and scarcity of today's society to the actualization of a collaborative peer-to-peer civilization.

The rapid growth of the IoT has created a move away from mass manufacturing and towards much more individualized production. And that will move business and organizational structure into more collaborative and open systems.

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