Automation and Transparency

A global initiative 

The Global Open Data Index (GODI) is the annual global benchmark for publication of open government data, run by the Open Knowledge Network. Our crowdsourced survey measures the openness of government data according to the Open Definition.

By having a tool that is run by civil society, GODI creates valuable insights for government’s data publishers to understand where they have data gaps. It also shows how to make data more useable and eventually more impactful. GODI therefore provides important feedback that governments are usually lacking.

This is what democracy looks like.

Open and machine-readable data the new default for government information. Making information about government operations more readily available and useful is also core to the promise of a more efficient and transparent government..

Open Data Initiatives aimed at scaling up open data efforts across the Health, Energy, Climate, Education, Finance, Public Safety, and Global Development sectors.

Open source creates real value

Open source government and culture are central to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals

Our philosophy

Open interoperability benefits everyone

Implementation Paths

Version 3.0 of GSA's Open Government Plan showcases ongoing implementation of collaborative government-wide platforms and tools.

Municipal Automation

Example of civiCRM customized to process film permits and fees in Jersey City to all relevant city agencies. 

Constituency Managment 

Example of civiCRM used to manage fundrasing, outreach, events, email campaign and all reporting requirements for mayoral campaign.

Spaceship Earth

Distributed ledger technology promises to have far-reaching economic and social implications. By leveraging a global peer network to assure directly and transparently the integrity of value exchanged between parties, blockchain appears likely to transform a number of important industries that supply or rely upon third-party assurance.

It could prove to be a broader force for transparency and integrity in society, including in the fight against bribery and corruption. It could also lead to extensive changes in supply chains and governmental functions, such as central banking.
Source: World Economic Forum 

Personal Enterprise

Open Source ERP

Decision Making

Enhanced Decision Making

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