Personal Enterprise

All the parts work together

The complete solution of over 25 core components is fully integrated, use the components you need and customize each one to your specific requirements. Components include contacts, tasks, human resources, manufacturing, fleet management, stock, invoicing, tracking, and others. Specialized components include not-for-profit and farm managment.

Open ERP - Connect to your business

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of core business processes in real-time. Manage day-to-day business activities, such as accounting, human resources, procurement, project management, and manufacturing. ERP systems have traditionally been used by large corporations, priced out of range for most smaller businesses.

Perprise, "personal enterprise," is our featured business solution based on erpNext a leading open source project. Open source ERP programs provide high value by their relatively low cost of implementation and global communities of active developer participation.

Make the connection

Connect the right people with the right tools.

Our philosophy

Open source is freedom

use it, study it, improve it, and share it

Best ERP

ERPNext has been recongnized as one of the world's best open source ERP and is backed by the not-for-profit ERPNext Foundation

A modular solution

Pick the components you want to use. Each user sees only the information they need to see. Works across devices. The app works on Android and IoS.

A Social Enterprise

Add a social network to the enterprise and create a leading edge collaborative business.

Connect to the future

Open Source Enterprise solutions can become your pathway to the next generation decentralized internet.

Horizontal applications include: supply chain management, product provenance and authenticity, process verification and audit, system interoperability and data sharing, and product life-cycle data store.

Vertical specific applications include: transaction settlement (finance and insurance), cross-border trades (finance), food provenance and authenticity (health/safety), biometrics monitoring (health), Personal Health Record (PHR: health), and virtual clinical trials (pharma/health).

Decision Making

Enhanced Decision Making

Open Government

Building Community

Learning Organization


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